The company is located in a strategic point from the cultural point of view; easily accessible through the valley road is Fossombrone, town center featuring Medieval style lying on the slope of a hill and dominated by a citadel and the ruins of the Rocca Malatesta.

Continuing to the Apennines you reach Urbino, well known center of the Italian Renaissance and Unesco; not far you can cross the Furlo Gorge, along the original route of the Via Flaminia, where you can admire the great work that the Etruscans before and Consuls, and then by the Roman Emperors made (walls, rock cuts, tunnels) and for being at all times the scene of major battles.

As we approach the sea we find Mondavio and Corinaldo characterized by their imposing walls; these are some of the main sights view the wealth of our country from the perspective of cultural history.